Have the Will to Change the world my friend.
Our Actions are precise.
Our Thoughts are complex.
Our Will is focused.

We are a New Age secret society with an open membership. We resonate with the core belief ("WorldView") of The Xeno, that is, "The Chosen Paths and Expressions of The Xeno allow us to model and change the world as needed through our will and discussions." Our motto is derived from our WorldView, "Have the Will to Change the world my friend."

  • The
    Serenity Forums
  • This is the Society's social outlet. Lots of interesting people and interesting ideas to share.
  • The
    Moons Embrace Coven
  • #TheXenoMEC is a place for Wiccans (Pagans) of the world offering sanctuary and hope.
  • The
    Society Handbook
  • The Handbook is our answer to most questions and ideals so be sure to read and understand it.